Silver. Why silver?

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Why silver?

Silver is an extraordinary metal with remarkable properties. It is one of the earliest metals to be used by man, as it requires very simple technology to extract it.

The ancient Greeks were among the first to commercialise this metal. It would be the discovery of a new seam in the Athens area which paid for a new fleet, and hence was fundamental to their very existence, and arguably that of all known civilisation at the time. 

It is an extremely malleable and ductile metal; i.e. it can be beaten out into sheets and drawn out into  wires with ease. The properties of silver mean that a craftsman may work it into almost any shape or form that may take the fancy of his or her imagination. Once a shape or form has been formed, it will retain this shape or form under most circumstances.

If you add to the fact that the colour of polished silver is extremely attractive and reflects light better than any other material known to man, it is easy to see why it has been so appealing to so many men and women throughout the millennia.

I hope to use this blog to offer readers some information and insights with regards to some of the beautiful works of fine craftsmanship which our ancestors enjoyed throughout the last few centuries.



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