MALTESE SILVER ASSAY MARKS – Emmanuel Azzopardi Part 3

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Emmanuel Azzopardi comes from a renowned family of jewellers. He is a recognized authority on antique Maltese silver and jewellery, and an ardent collector of Maltese coins. He contributed to various numismatic exhibitions and assisted international numismatists in preparing catalogues on Maltese coins. In 1970 he participated in the XIII Council of Europe Exhibition on the Order of St John and in 1988 he helped in the setting up of the Central Bank of Malta XX Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition, when coins from his collection were displayed. His collection of coins of the Crusader period was also displayed at an exhibition held in collaboration with Heritage Malta at the National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta, in September 2005. He is the author of two books: Malta, History of the Coinage (1993) and The Coinage of the Crusaders and the World of Islam (2006). At present he is working on nine volumes on coins of Malta. The first volume covers coins from the Punic period 7th BC up to the end of Byzantine rule in 870. The second volume continues with the Arab period up to the arrival of the Order in Malta in 1530. The other seven volumes are detailed studies on the different dies used during the Order’s rule starting with volume three, the gold coins, followed by the silver coins of the Order. The final volume will cover the bronze coins.

The next few blogs will cover the hallmarks throughout the period of the knights. 




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