Silver Cufflinks

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Charles Delicata


Silver Cufflinks


For aficionados of Maltese silver, the acquisition of one more item for the collection, is always an opportunity to rejoice.

Some collectors will be after a zukkariera, or a cafettiera or other big items. Others because of financial restraints or because of lack of adequate space prefer small silver items.

Amongst the smaller items that go down well with collectors, are first of all the balzamini, others collect menu holders, or filigree items especially card cases, or buckles, or boxes.

One’s enthusiasm however is always aroused by the finding of an unrecorded maker or an unrecorded hallmark, or of an item of Maltese silver that has never been recorded before. One such item I came across is a pair of cufflinks. You might say that cufflinks in Maltese silver have been around for a hundred years or so.

But what about a pair of cufflinks that were made more than two hundred years ago?

The first cufflinks appeared in the 1600’s , however their use however became more common by the end of the 18th century. The use of cufflinks became widespread by the middle of the 19th.century. The cufflinks shown in the accompanying picture are from the late Pinto early Ximenes period. The maker’s mark is SC probably Silvestro Camilleri. Their weight is a mere 3.8 gms.

The reference books about Maltese silver commonly used do not have any reference to cufflinks in Maltese silver. The pair of cufflinks shown are thought to be the earliest examples up to date, although input from our readers is welcome.

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